Samsung Galaxy S5: Performance Review, Benchmarks and Hardware test

Performance of galaxy S5

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Multi touch test revealed 10 touch points.



This is great feature for playing games on this phone, with one hand one can handle the control, and with another one can go for shots. Sometime the capacitive touch of Samsung phones becomes over responsive. This makes this ghost touch effect. You can see the touch bug, hey S5 I had put only 5 fingers on you and you are displaying 9 to 10.




CPU-Z shows the details of the device, this phone has ARM cortex a15 CPU at 1.30 GHz’s. This has 8 cores. Clock speed is from 500 MHz to 1.30 GHz’s. Core 0 to 3 is from fastest CPU at 1200 MHz’s, and core 4 to 7 is from slowest. The slowest one is at 800 MHz’s. The total CPU load is 9 %. GPU vendor is ARM, and it is Mali T628. The scaling governor is inter-active. In system tab the model number, SM-G900H k3gxx, build number is KOT49H.G900HXXU1ANCI. Android is 4.4.2. The kernel version is 3.10.9-1183700. The screen resolution is 1920 in to 1080 and in DP it is 360 into 640, the total pixel density is 480.  Total RAM is 1865 MB. Out of that 536 MB is free, that is 28 %. The internal storage is 11.57 GB. Out of that 10.42 is free that is 90 %. And there is no root access. In battery tab, the Health is good, level at 47 %, power source battery, status discharging, temperature is 36.1 degree.  This phone has acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic, Barometer, proximity, RGB, Step detector, motion, rotation, orientation, HRM, gravity and some others sensor the list is too big. 




Antutu benchmark:


 Antutu doesn’t update their database, and there is no S5. Here S5 is displayed by model number. Antutu benchmarks gives 35829 score to S5. This is highest among the entire present device. Note 3 is below this.

Details of Antutu test results

CPU can support large apps and games

UX multitask scores 7151, runtime 2247, RAM operation 2316, RAM speed 1707, CPU integer 4718, float point 4175, 2D graphics 1631, 3D 9747, IO 1517, Database 620.




Quadrant standard gives 22,889:


This is too far then all of the others in the list. The total score is 22889 in this CPU has got 92188, Memory 10722, I/O 8661, 2D 825 and 3D 2047.


Nenamark 2:


This is for testing GPU. This standard runs in landscape mode. The final score 59.5 frames per second. The S5 is top of the list.


The Viewing angle:

vlcsnap-2014-04-16-17h07m34s192 vlcsnap-2014-04-16-17h07m52s124

The display angle, as you can see that there is no problem in viewing the screen at extreme wide angle. The display is visible from all of side of the phone, so this phone has nice viewing angle and this is good for playing gyroscopic games. As you can see the viewing angle, display is visible till to extreme viewing angle,




Temple Run 2:


There is no problems in playing temple run 2 on S5, there is no hang, no lag and the viewing angle is great. Thanks to great viewing angle that this game works on tilted display (tilted display is used to collect coins)


In conclusion the galaxy S5 is on the top of the list, in the performance rating, till now no phone on earth can challenge the S5 in performance. Only two problems exist in this phone, one is the design and another is the cost. If we ignore these two problems, the Samsung galaxy S5 is top on smartphone list.



Samsung Galaxy S5: Tear Down, Parts View, IC’s number, assembly and real price

Samsung Galaxy S5: Tear Down, Parts View, IC’s number, assembly and real price

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These videos shows tear down, assemble, dis-assemble and also show the parts list of Samsung Galaxy S5. Unfortunately while making this video I had broken my LCD and USB charging PCB. So my request to all of you, do this at your own risk and BCD tech is not responsible for any damaged that you can do with your phone.

Tools Needed
1. Philips screw drivers, a plus one,
2. Anti-magnetic tweezers,
3. Sharp blade,
4. Plastic tool,
5. An suc-sun cup,
6. Some sort of plastic cards.
7. Hot air gun, to loose adhesive

Make sure S5 is completely off before proceeding. Remove back cover, battery, 3 screws on the back cover, plastic, Home button/finger scanner connector. Make sure not to damage the back Bessel.
vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h40m29s134 vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h40m53s135To separate the glass from the Bessel, use hot air to lose the adhesive. Now use the plastic card to lift the glass, Samsung has used, different adhesive here to hold the glass. I had broken my display. The glass screen is separated out.
Unscrew 10 screws on Bessel, and lift the centre board. There is no way to take out the earpiece, if it get damaged, whole Bessel must be replaced. Lift main board and then bottom board from centre board. Remove home button or finger print sensor from front glass.

vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h41m50s172 vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h43m47s52





Lots of components, parts and metal shield on the board. Use plastic to lift up the metal shield.

Here are the lists of IC, identified:


Back Side,

1. NXP 47803, this is NFC controller,
2. MP65M HS96D1,
3. BCM 47537A1,
4. 8809
5. KMV 3W000lm-B310
6. SIMC 824080,
7. +DY29,
8. intel PMB9820,
9. Intel PMB57,vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h46m03s155
10. Antenna switch GKF48,










Front side,vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h49m18s51

1. 32HU81
2. 2511M3 E219H3,
3. Oscillator K3318,
4. C1H732
5. 8JAA
7. MAX77804 power IC,
8. WM5110B,vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h49m55s173
9. SKC T1 421,
10. Samsung Exynos 5422 ARM processor and memory
11. S2MPS1184,
12. SKY77615-11,


vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h50m30s251             vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h51m01s66


LCD part,

1. Synaptic IC S5100A,
2. LCD part AMS510CV01 revision 1.0

  vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h51m55s89     vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h51m18s233



The part list:

1. Back cover,
2. Screws,
3. LCD part, with touch,
4. Battery,
5. Vibrator motor,
6. Front camera,
7. Headphone jack,
8. Metal shields,
9. Main Bessel,
10. Bottom PCB or charging PCB,
11. Main motherboard,
12. Centre board, and
13. Main hardware button.


These parts list here are used in making Galaxy S5. Right now, very few parts are revealed in market and if we approximate the actual cost is near around 300 US dollar, that is equivalent to 19 thousand Indian rupees, the LCD cost 100 $, the main board 150 $, home button 10 $, bottom PCB 2$, battery 10$, other parts 30$, so total cost may be around 300$. The Indian reseller got this unit at 38 thousand, and user pays 50 thousands for that. So one can amazon the actual cost of S5.
To assemble S5, start by motherboard, first of put all shields, then rear camera and then front camera. Now put the bottom board on centre board, then the main board. Now put the centre part to the main Bessel and then put the menu key back to glass and then 10 screws back. Now Put LCD back to main Bessel. Put the 3 screws back. Now put the battery and back cover, and turn on this phone.
So in conclusion, it is thought to tear down the galaxy S5. Unfortunately while making this video I had broken my LCD and USB charging PCB. So my request to all of you, don’t try this at home, until it is important, BCD tech is not responsible for any damaged that you can do with your phone.
This is complete tear down of Samsung Galaxy S5, if you like this video, subscribe to BCD here
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