Samsung Galaxy S5 costs maximum of $300 or 19,000 INR

Part List and Actual Price of Samsung Galaxy S5

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The part list,

vlcsnap-2014-04-17-10h56m59s501. Back cover,
2. Screws,
3. LCD part, with touch,
4. Battery,
5. Vibrator motor,
6. Front camera,
7. Headphone jack,
8. Metal shields,
9. Main Bessel,
10. Bottom PCB or charging PCB,
11. Main motherboard,
12. Centre board, and
13. Main hardware button.

These parts list here are used in making Galaxy S5. Right now, very few parts are revealed in market and if we approximate the actual cost is near around 300 US dollar, that is equivalent to 19 thousand Indian rupees, the LCD cost 100 $, the main board 150 $, home button 10 $, bottom PCB 2$, battery 10$, other parts 30$, so total cost may be around 300$. The Indian reseller got this unit at 38 thousand, and user pays 50 thousands for that. So one can amazon the actual cost of S5.

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