Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Welcome to new episode of BCD Tech. In this episode I am going to review Samsung Galaxy Note 3, N9000 (3G International Variant). Unfortunately Samsung is not launching 4G international variant of this phone (N9005) in India.
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This package is bought online from Samsung estore. This online estore is maintained by savex computer. And it is told to me that every 8th computer sold in India comes from savex computers. Savex computer is official partner of Samsung for distributing product to reseller and consumers in India.

144.3 mm 5.7 inch full HD super amoled display
13 MP Auto focus camera and 2 MP front camera for video call and video chating
3GB DDR3 RAM, Samsung has included its latest innovation in this device
Smart remote (universal remote control)
Full HD (1080p) playback recording,
GPS/Glonass support
A stylus S-pen
3200 mAh battery
Model is N9000 with 32 GB

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what i did. So do this at your own risk

1 thoughts on “Unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 3

  1. Hi
    I am having samsung galaxy note 3 which was bought it from Japan and the model number is SC-01F.
    I am in chennai , Tamilnadu , India.
    Now my question is , can i install indian Note 3 OS in this mobile?
    How can i change the Firmware from Japan Firmware to Indian Firmware?
    Because in that mobile having lot of default japanies application it’s occupying lot of space.

    So kindly help me to change OS.

    Thanks & Regards

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