AnTuTu, Quadrant, NenaMark2, Multi touch, GFXBenchmark on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Exnoys 5 variant of Galaxy Note 3 perferomance tested by

Test 1: AnTuTu Benchmark

Result: Score Highest 34533

Test 2: Quadrant Standard Edition

Result: Score Highest 19637

Test 3: NenaMark2

Result: 60.5 fps

Test 4: Multi touch test

Result: 10 finger touch screen

Test 5: GFXBench (GLBenchmark 2.7)

Result: greater then 20 fps results BCD Tech

Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what i did. So do this at your own risk



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