Accessories Review by Google Nexus 5:

Accessories Review by Google Nexus 5:


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See the video by BCD Tech for all supported accessories for Google Nexus 5 D821/ D820.

Turn on the captions to see captions of video

This Video is divided into 4 parts
1. Bluetooth Connected accessories
2. OTG connected accessories
3. Others
4. HDMI support

1. In the Bluetooth connected accessories there are total 5 accessories are reviewer
a. Smart Watch mn2
b. Sony hi-fi wireless headset MW600
c. Samsung Bluetooth hand-free HM1100
d. Gmate+ dual SIM adapter
e. Socblue triple SIM adapter

Conclusion: All of these Bluetooth accessories works parallel to Nexus 5. All notification of incoming message, call, music can be seen on the smart watch screen. Bluetooth hand-free and headphone make nexus 5 more usable. And the dual, triple, and quad SIM adapter convert your Nexus 5 into a multi SIM phone.

2. OTG related accessories for Nexus 5

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