How much memory is supported by low end smartphones?

How much memory is supported by low end smartphones? 64 GB micro SD for all low end phones


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64 GB micro SD for all low end phones

The question asked by many viewers, “How much memory can be install on there smartphone?”. This video gives the answer this.
Maximum capacity memory card for mobiles, available in market is 64 GB. I used two of such card, Strontium Nitro and Sandisk ultra to demonstrate there working on low end devices. All of you know high end smartphone support 64 GB cards, where as for low end upto 8GB only. The current generation low end smartphone can support only upto 32 GB. What happens if we insert a 64 GB card in it, the answer comes it not supported. Lets try? Samsung Galaxy Star on paper support only up-to 32 GB, I inserted a eFAT formatted 64 GB card in it, It detect but phone say empty/ unsupported file system card. I format the card in phone itself. And it is now detected. Same thing happens with Samsung Rex 90, eFAT 64 GB card is not detected, and an FAT formatted card it is detected by Rex 90. I try this FAT formatted 64 GB card in Micromax, LG and Sony devices running on android jelly bean, all of these devices detected 64 GB card.

So it is clear that all of the low end smartphone can recognized 64 GB micro SD card if formatted in FAT file system.

For formatting 64 GB card in FAT32 use

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