🛠🔧What Inside a Massage Gun : Teardown BeatXP beatXP Flash Massage Gun❤✔💥

BeatXP Flash Massage Gun is a body massager machine for pain relief and a percussion back massager for women & men. This comes with a single touch button and lots of LED indicators. This gun has a powerful, low-noise brushless motor with a 4000 mAH Li-ion battery.

In this video we show you the working and teardown of this massage gun, and here are the important findings:
1. Teardown of this massager is easy.
2. It contains a 2000 mAh 7.4V Li-ion battery pack, not a 4000 mAh battery pack.
3. The part number of the microcontroller used on this machine is erased, so no one can copy the electronics.
4. It has a powerful BLDC motor with 3 NMOS and 3 PMOS driver LCM2102 driver IC.
5. The piston assembly used an elastic thread to control its motion.

Conclusion: Can buy?

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