Gaming TWS Earbuds: Wings Phantom 200 with 40ms Low Latency, ❤✔

Wings Phantom 200 Wireless Earbuds, LED, 40ms Low Latency, DNS Mic Headphones Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Wings launch new gaming TWS Earpods with less than 40 ms latency. These earbuds come with an ergonomic design, grand look and charming case. It has Bluetooth 5.2 with a range of 15 meters. With immersive audio, these TWS play low, mid and high tones with great bass and pitch. This makes these earbuds good for music play and gaming. It had a DNS mic with noise reduction technology and ENT which makes the microphone good for calling in noisy and loud environments. The touch controls on the earbuds can be used as volume control, track change and play/pause button. With the powerful mic and featured voice assistance, one can use google Assistant, Alexa and Siri on these earbuds. It has IPX5 sweat and water resistance feature, which makes these earbuds to use during workouts and exercises.


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