Armor Case for Full Protection against drop & damaged 🛠 💔

If you want to fully protect your mobile phone from scratches and accidental drops then full body armour cases are the best suitable choice for you. These type of cases generally comes in parts. The soft TPU give a cushion kind of protection to the mobile phone body, which will prevent your mobile phone from cracking when accidentally drop from a height. Whereas the hard TPU shell gives support and further protects your mobile phone in the instance of a drop.
In this video episode, I will show you the comparison between a well-known brand Spigen armour case and a new in-the-market Cubix full-body armour case. Both of the cases I bought for my Samsung Galaxy S22. Both cases fitted perfectly and have no issues while installing or uninstalling. The Cubix give more protection for the phone along the accidental drop, this will also protect the phone to switch off and uninstalling the sim. This case comes in 3 parts. A soft case, and two hard shells. Without the proper knowledge, it is tough to remove this case, which gives a bit of protection against theft. Whereas, the Spigen case come in two parts, one soft TPU, and a hard outer shell. The finishing, design and look of the Spigen case are much better than Cubix.


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