🙊 USB Type-c Earphones Doesn’t work on every Mobile 💔 📱 🛠

Now with missing 3.5 mm jack on todays mobile phones, it is impossible to install and use a 3.5 mm headphone or earphone to a mobile phone. The only option remaining is to use either a USB type C to a 3.5 mm audio connector and use 3.5 mm earphones with mobile phone or to use a USB type c earphone. In this video I will show you USB type c earphone from Wecool. Unfortunately this USB type C earphone doesn’t work on my Samsung and Asus mobile phone. The story behind this Failure is that not every USB type c headphone or a earphone is compatible with every mobile phone having USB type c port. Because the driver on the earphone is not supported or not compatible with every mobile phone. Now the question arises that how one can differentiate this type of non operating headphones. Answer is very simple, one can visit the device manufacturer website and see the compatibility of of there headphones or one can visit the seller listing page where seller has put every detail about the compability of USB type C earphone or one can see the review portion of the product and see what other peoples as telling about the compatibility of the headphone earphone.
In this way one can search a compatible USB type C earphone or headphone for their mobile phone.

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