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Due to ageing, Li-ion batteries have a tendency to swell over time if not handled or stored with proper care. The main reason behind this is the degradation of electrolytes over time and rough usage. For safe operation, these Li-ion batteries should be used with the 20 % to 80 % limit, and stored at a 40 % battery percentage. Working beyond these limits put pressure on the chemistry of the batteries and with prolong pressure and stress the chemical inside the batteries degrades and releases various hazardous gases. Nowadays these battery packs are closed in a polymer air-sealed package, so the liberated gases are trapped inside this package and are responsible for the swelling of the battery pack. Another reason behind this swelling is the overuse of the batteries. As in some applications like in a gaming laptop, are large current is drawn from the battery at the time of heavy processing and prolonged draining of the battery at a high current can degrade the chemical inside the battery pack and librate the gas.
Due to this swelling, sometimes the battery pack explodes and becomes a life-threatening disaster. Sometimes this swelling lifts the back cover of the mobile phone or laptop and sometimes it also damages the screw thread, hole and plastic. This becomes a very annoying situation as with a battery pack, the victim should also have to replace or repair the back cover, pannel etc on the gadget, phone or laptop.
In conclusion, with a life-threatening future, these swelling battery packs are very dangerous and should be replaced and disposed of properly within time to avoid such disasters.

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