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Teardown Wifi Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring.
In this part-2, we teardown the Wipro and Aviga IOT Smart WiFi Plug and found that both plugs PCB are Made in India. Wipro PCB appears more attractive. Both plugs have the same schematic and almost the same components. Working is based on a relay that cuts out the line voltage with input from an MCU reside inside a WiFi module. The current is monitored with the help of a 0.001 Ohms resistor on the neutral line. The signal from this resister is feed into an energy metering IC BL0937. The KWh, IRMS, and VRMS are monitored by the same IC and feed into the application MCU. The whole unit is powered by an SMPS in combination with a 3.3 V linear voltage regulator AMS1117.

If you are buying a smart plug for electricity monitoring, then Aviga is the best choice to buy and it is cheap. While for remote operation both IoT Plugs are equal.

PART 2: Smart Wifi Plugs with Energy Monitoring Teardown
PART 3: Testing
PART 1: Unboxing:


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