🛠Repairing Bluetooth #Headphones 🎧: No Sound from One Side

Problem: No sound from one side on Headphones
My Boat Rockerz 225, showing this problem from last one month. Generally, Bluetooth headphones are very difficult to open, but this is not the case with Boat headphones. It opens with one click. After opening the electronic part, I found the underlying chipset, with some SMD components. All seems Ok. But when I measured the resistance of the damaged driver speakers, I found it is open. Then I try to open the main earbud. With a sharp blade, the earbud opens up, and with a little bit of heat, the main 10 mm driver is out from the housing. Again I tested this speaker with a multimeter, it is open. Then I disassembled the 10 mm speaker driver and found one broken wire. It broke from the main coil. I try to repair it, but due to its small size it and lack of a microscope, I am unable to repair it. Now I have 2 options
1. Buy a new headphone
2. Broke an old headphone and take a 10 mm speaker driver from them.
I go for option 2 and I bought a cheap headphone & pulled out a 10 mm driver from it. After replacing the driver my Boat headphone starts working. Now it works well, there is a slight reduction in audio due to impedance mismatches, but the driver is working well.
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