Selling My Bitcoins !! 💔

Bitcoin & other cryptocurrency prices are now falling down. Why? Is it the right time to sell my crypto currency?
For the last 2 weeks, the price of cryptocurrency ( a digital currency) falls by more than 25%. According to Bitmex research, this is due to a bug called double-spend seen in the blockchain. Double spend occurs when a person tries it cryptocurrency twice the time on a block chain. Although it was thought that such a problem was already addressed in Bitcoin white paper published in 2009. A small double-spend amount of nearly 21$ was seen in the blockchain. On investigation, it was found that the small block of BTC has mined simultaneously an RBC case where lower fee transition won.
Hope that in the upcoming days the prices will be slashed again and we will see a flash growth in crypto currencies. But I am selling by 10,000 rupees bitcoins.
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