LOL ! 🙊 Apple Forced to Include Charger with iPhones 💔 in BRAZIL

Brazilian state’s consumer protection agency Procon-SP forced Apple to include a power adapter with every iPhone sold in São Paulo.
Earlier in the month of October, the agency asks Apple to include a charger with every phone sold in Sau Paulo. But Apple refuses and tells about the environmental benefit s of not including the charger in the box. Now agency forced Apple to include chargers in the iPhone box.
Now the question arises why Apple is not including chargers and earpods in their box. The answer is very simple besides the financial and environmental benefits, there are certainly other reasons like box size, dimension. now with no charger and earpods the box is very small and easy to carry and ship in a very large quantity. Which I think definitely somehow helps Apple to ship more units in this pandemic covid-19 situation to fulfill the overwhelming demand for smartphones in the market.

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