OverHead Filming Camera RIG : 📸 Boom Stand 🔧✔💥

HARISON Bahubali Boom Stand Air Cushion
Link https://amzn.to/3chR1oc

1. Air-Cushioned stand–upon releasing quick– lock levers, the pipes come down slowly.
2. Can tilt the top part of the central column to work as a Boom Stand.
3. Provide with a robust counter-weight that can hold Sand, water – bottles etc. Made from steel tubing.
4. Lower central leg – joint is made of steel for stability & strength.
5. Riser locks are made of polyamide and are provided with quick-lock levers .Black powder – coated finish. Also provide with a Carry – Bag

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My recording Gears:
Camera: 🎥Sony alpha a6300
Mic: 🎙 Rode Video Mic Pro Plus /🎙Zoom H5 Recorder with SSH-6 capsule
Editing: Vegas Pro 365
Laptop: 💻 GS43VR 7RE MSI
Tripod: Harison Bahubali


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OverHead Filming Camera Stand : 📸 Boom Stand 🔧✔💥

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