🔧 Quick Charge 4+ & PD 3.0 Adapter from 6 -35V 🛠📲

QC4.0 QC3.0 USB Type-C Mobile Phone Quick Charge Adapter 6 -35V Step Down Buck Boost Module for Huawei SCP/FCP Apple PD Qualcomm

1. Electronic enthusiasts, mobile phone maintenance personnel, electronic industry personnel DIY fully compatible mobile phone flash charging module.
2. Outdoor occasions, long-term power outages, etc., use battery, solar panels and other DC power supply to flash all brands of mobile phones.

Suitable for Qualcomm QC4+/QC4.0/QC3.0, Huawei SCP/FCP, OPPO VOOC, Apple 2.4A, Samsung AFC, one plus DASH, VIVO 9V2A dual engine flash charger, MediaTek PE2.0

Reminder: Some similar fast-filling boards in the market use the IP6518 solution, which does not support QC4.0, VOOC, DASH, and is not a full-service fast charge. And IP6518 output current is limited, so Huawei’s super fast charge SCP compatibility is not good.

High efficiency:
1. With external MOS tube, the conversion loss is much lower than the built-in MOS of IP6518 scheme.
2. Double-wire and + iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring is used, which is more efficient than the chip inductor and low in heat at the same power.
3. Input and output are double parallel low resistance electrolytic capacitors, with 6 1206 chip ceramic capacitors! Only for higher performance!
Measured map: Perfect implementation of Huawei Super Fast Charge 5V4.5A (SCP)

Type-C port is used for output charging! Use the C-to-C/Type-C male to male double-headed data cable to charge your mobile phone or laptop.

OPPO and one plus mobile phone charging with USB port.
The QC4+/QC4.0/PD3.0 protocol uses the Type-C port.

When the power supply voltage is higher than 21 volts, the C port PD protocol supports up to 20V 3A output, and the module is small in size. When charging the notebook, please ensure good ventilation and heat dissipation.

When the USB port and the Type-C port are plugged into the mobile phone at the same time, the dual port is 5V output.

Professional car charger / high efficiency DC-DC rarely use chip inductors, most of them are made of iron silicon aluminum magnetic ring. Because of the low cost of the chip inductor, the heat is serious!

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