Hantek 2D82 82MHz Automobile Oscilloscope with DMM & AWG🔧⚒🛠🔩📲📱💔❤✔💥🙊🙈

2D82: https://www.banggood.in/custlink/m33mnQQEAO
2D72: https://www.hantek.in

Hantek 2D82 AUTO Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter 4 in1 2 Channels 80MHz Signal Source Automotive Diagnostic 250MSa/s – 2d82ii

1. This new handheld oscilloscope comes with new generation of 4 in 1 multi function tester: Automotive Diagnostic, oscilloscope, signal source and multimeter;
2. The suspending stand was designed to support multi-angle adjustment;
3. Ultra-low-power, Type C charging interface, each 2 hours battery charge allow working one full day or standby two months
4. High-definition color LCD screen display clear and delicate
5. Minimalist keyboard design simplify operation, easy to use.

With more than 80 kinds of car testing, and scan the QR code on the back of device can open video help files to show you how to test vehicles.

· First test projects: intake manifold vacuum degree & ignition, lampblack adjustment valve vacuum degree & ignition, exhaust ignition (idle), exhaust ignition (start).
· Start & Charge: Charging circuit, current and voltage.
· Actuator: Gasoline / Diesel.
· Bus Detection: CAN bus data observation, CAN bus signal integrity, CAN bus LH long-term acquisition, LIN bus.
· Sensors: air flow meter, camshaft, crankshaft, distributor, lambda sensor, throttle position. . .
· Ignition: Primary/Secondary.
· Oscilloscope:2 channels oscilloscope, 80MHz bandwidth, 250M sampling rate.
· Multimeter function: voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitor, on-off test;
·Waveform generator output function: output sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal and other waveforms; sine up to 25MHz;

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