USB Boost Module 5V to 0.5 to 30V (10W)📲✔🙊


Geekcreit® USB Boost Module 5V to 9V12V Step Up Module Adjustable Voltage Current Display Charging Router Converter – with housing


1. Input voltage: 4-13 V (when using the pad input, pay attention to the positive and negative poles, DO NOT connect the AC power)
2. Output voltage: 0.5-30 V
3. Output current: 0-2 a (the output current in constant voltage mode depending on the size of the load is adaptable, it is not adjustable.) If you set the limit current to 1 A, then the load current is greater than 1 A, the constant current mode 1A will be entered automatically)
4. Output power: less than 15 W (when the output power is greater than 15 W, the output is automatically turned off and the operation is displayed). After reducing the load power, press the on/off button to fix it). When the input current is too large, it can be turned off early due to temperature protection.
5. Voltage display: Resolution 0.1 V, factory accuracy ± 0.1 V plus or minus (can be corrected manually after comparing with the standard voltmeter)
6. Current screen: Resolution 0.01A, range 0-2.2A, factory accuracy ± 0. 05A; the display error is greater when the output current is less than A, a small current cannot be displayed within 10-40 mA (it can be corrected manually, the calibration of the output current is more accurate when it is greater than 1 A, and calibration is not recommended for small currents.)
7. Power display: 0.00W-15.0W
8. Temperature protection: when the temperature of the power component is higher than 100 ° C, enter the OT protection, reduce the load power, press the on / off button to solve it (the power will not introduce the OT protection for an operation to long term in 10 W, when the input current is greater than 3A, You can introduce protection against overtemperature when it works for a long time, even if it does not rea ch 15 W)
9. Operating current: approximately 30 mA
10. Charging anti-backflow: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery for charging, no need to add a diode
11. Short circuit protection: Yes, it can be directly connected to the battery for charging, no need to add a diode
12. Weight: 30g with outer casing, without housing 20g

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