Airtel Launches 4G Service In Delhi NCR


Airtel 4G in NCR


Airtel launches high speed 4G services in Delhi NCR. Here is picture of 4 G network from my Galaxy note 4. But the signal is to low, see the Signal at noida.

How to get 4G on your Device:

First of all you need 4G supported device and second an upgraded SIM from airtel. You have to go to airtel outlet and exchange your SIM with new 128 kb 4G SIM. The new sim will be activated with 10 minutes, and boom you are on 4G network. Make sure you had selected 4G/Lte on your network setting. There is no extra charge to activate 4G data, the 3G plan on your device will automatically upgraded to 4G data plan.




Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-02-15              Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-02-33            Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-02-50

Here is my speed on same 3g Network. 2.14 Mbps dowload and 1.09 Mbps upload. But when you are on 4G airtel, although the signal is low, but speed is so fare good.

Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-04-12                        Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-04-23                        Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-04-35

The maximum dowload right now in NCR is around 17.53 Mbps and upload 1.99 Mbps. So you can see the diffrence in speed.


Although there is  no official announcement on 4G launch in NCR. But you can get 4G signal at different places in NCR and surf internet at tremendous speed.

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