The worst laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 (59-428436) launched in India Unboxing: Please don’t buy

The worst laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70 launched in India Unboxing: Please don’ buy



I had bought the Lenovo Y50 laptop: Every things seem to well. Purchase on 2 August 2014, despact on 5 August 2014. Recived on 9 August 2014.
Thing go worse as it proceed. First the shipped the product with worst courier aramex. very slow service. Second the laptop is broken. I think this is manufacturing defect, all units of y50 has loose back. You will lisen the noise of backover, as it is not properly fit. Moreover the screen can be easily move with fan running. When you put LAN cable the back panel lifted up. Moreover the hardware is worse. The unit get heated up in few minutes without any background process.
My unit work for one day with physical issue. and second day 11 august, the blue screen comes and from that it is not working at all.
That is not all of my worse experience. The after sale service of Lenovo is very poor, can you amazine they are not issuing any comments on this. Still service engineer from Wipro visited and issue a job sheet. I send it back to Lenovo care. Guess what happen next, still no response. Very bad after sale service. I call them back, they had no way to solve the problem. Even they are very lazy, Waiting for DOA certificate.

I will have only one suggestion for customer who are waiting for Y50, wait for few days, and see for some more reviews. Don’t buy this at this time, it is worse laptop and Lenovo has worse after sale service in India.
Sorry for my channel fans, due to this disaster I am unable to make more videos on Mobile Phone. Be patient once every thing gets OK, I will back.
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  1. I also had a same experience. I bought lenovo y50 from online, I received it in 3 days but with defect. The defect was left button click in touch pad remains in click position even I remove hand from it. So I tried to contact lenovo for refund and it takes a week for a response from them. Then it takes 3 weeks to complete the process for refund. Finally I got my money back but I wanted to purchase another laptop ASAP. Worst service by laptop after sell.

    1. Any suggestions on laptop, I am still searching for laptop with high configurations like core i7 4th generation and support upto 16 GB memory atleast.

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