Sony smart Bluetooth handset, SBH52: Unboxing and quick review

Sony smart Bluetooth handset, SBH52: Unboxing and quick review


Sony smart Bluetooth handset, SBH52 is now available in India at 7000 rupees, but you can get this at 5500 rupees from eBay site. This is made in china.


This can handle call, has stereo headset, NFC, OLED display, FM, and it is Splash proof. You will get one headset, main unit, three different sizes of ear buds, and charging cable. The radio has frequency range 20Hz to 20 thousand Hz’s, THD at 1Khzs is less then point 3 %, Maximum SPL at 1KHz is 110 dB, Max SPL according to standard is 100 dB and this has 9.2 mm dynamic headphone driver unit.

  1. Box content
  2. Micro USB charging cable,
  3. Two set of extra buds of different size,
  4. Manuals: legal information, declaration, and quick start guide.
  5. Main unit,
  6. Earphone


This unit comes with very standard earphones, this has gold plated jack. The quality of Sony earphone is mind-blowing, the audio is sharp, crisp, and clear. The main unit is available only is black. The build quality is very good. On the right side you will see the next track key, play pause key, back track key and back button. On the bottom, you will see the main power on/off button, on the left side; you will see the micro USB charging port and main volume key. On the top of the device, you will see the handling button, this is for call answering and ending. Also there is OLED display, main speaker and microphone. On the top this has 3.5 mm headphone jack. On the back of the device, there is clip, this is nice, and the size is only, to the half of the device. This will be use to clip, NFC mark and main loudspeaker of the unit.


Necessary apps for using this on android phone, without that this unit will also work, but for full features, you have the install this,

  1. Calendar reminder,
  2. Call log,
  3. Messaging,
  4. Missed call,
  5. Phonebook,
  6. SBH52, and
  7. Sony smart connect


This apps port the Sony accessories on non-Sony phones, if you are using Sony phones, this is already install on your phone. Once you have installed all of this, you will see the Smart connect app on the application draw. You can set couple of the things on phone side in setting. Like HD voice, call handling, application install. You can go for 4 different connection types: single to one, single to second, multipoint with two devices with one as primary. You can also set text to speech.


In device, use back and forward track key, to switch between the list, and play pause key to select the item. You can flip the display, choose conncetion type, see and listen notifications, play music, missed calls and FM. You can control the music directly from the device, no need to go to phone, press the next track, and the next track starts playing. The main loudspeaker is quite loud. From the home screen, you can go to play, directly by pressing the play button.


Also you can see that the call on device and the device is also ringing. The OLED shows the name and the number of the incoming call. You can answer the call directly by pressing the handling button, the device also shows the call duration. The microphone is used to answer the call. Press the handling button again to end the call. This device will also read the notifications.


So in conclusion, the SBH52, is good accessory from Sony, and it is best to buy. This stereo Bluetooth, headset, can explore many more possibility from your android phone. I am recommending this, and this is a best buy at price of 5 thousand 500 rupees from eBay.


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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what I did. So do this at your own risk

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