Moto E: Gaming Review, Asphalt 8, Temple run 2, Subway surf, Death trigger and Angry Bird Rio

Moto E is recently launched by Motorola at a price tag of 115 US $. Here is the full gaming experience on Moto E.


The first game is Asphalt 8. This game has some problem on S Duos 2. This game is of 1.4 GB, and on this phone only 2.2 GB is available for use. So for installing this game, you have to clean, lots of apps on this phone. The orientation sensor working fine and there is no lag. S Duos 2 is lagging lots on this game, but there is no problem with Moto E. The only problem is of memory. Loading such a HD game vanishes all storage of the Moto E. Now quit the game.

The next game is Temple run 2, this game is from Imangi studio. See the initial run of this game on our performance video. The Temple run 2 runs with any problem on Moto E, there is no hang, no lag and the viewing angle is great. The game runs smoothly. This is impressive.

The next game on Moto E is Subway surf, again this is chasing game, a police man is chasing you. You have to run on the rail track. Game is very straight. You have to save yourself from incoming thing and also with that man. The game runs without any problem. The game play is buttery smooth. And there is no lag, no hang and no stuck in the game play. You will love to play this game on Moto E.

The next game is Tikki monkey, this is from unity and milk cap. This is straight forward game, the monkey has stolen the treasure, and you had to shot the monkeys, without getting out. And collect the coins. The tikki monkey runs without any problem on Moto E, and there is no hang and no lag with the gameplay.

The next game is death trigger 2. This game requires internet to start. This game will take about 500 MB. With this and Asphalt 8, you can filled all the available storage on this phone. That is the only problem that I had found on Moto E. Else this phone is good for gaming. Asphalt 8, temple run 2 runs without any problem on Moto E. Death trigger 2 is a shooting game. If you love the shooting, then you will enjoy this game on your Moto E. I remember my childhood pistol, dichkhuu. I will love to play this game. Zombie I will kill you, I will lay you down. This game runs without any problem on Moto E.

Next is CPU-Z app, while performance review of Moto E, this app is crashing. Now it is working. This application shows the detail of CPU and GPU in first tab. In system tab you will see the model, manufacturer and others, and in the battery tab you will see the battery details like charge, temperature extras. On the list of sensors you will see the list of sensor supported by Moto E. So this time the CPU-Z is working on Moto E.

The last game that I had tried on Moto E is Angry bird go. The gameplay is quite smooth, the game is running well. There is no lag with gameplay, and all is buttery smooth.

In conclusion the Moto E is good in gaming, mind blowing performance and it is, top in the list of the phones up to 20 thousand rupees. If you ignore the low memory, then Moto E is a great phone and BCD Tech will recommend this. This phone is far better than Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2, Core, Grand, Grand 2, Micromax canvas, Karboon, Spice, Gionees and other phones that are double in price. If you are planning to buy a high performance phone, then Moto E is best in deal at 115 $ that is at 6999 rupees. Stay tune with us, to see the full review and tear down video on Moto E.

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what I did. So do this at your own risk

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