Samsung Galaxy S5 Display is Cheaper than S4



One again, very surprising news from Samsung Galaxy S5

The display of Galaxy S5 is cheaper than that for S4. The cost of display with touch and glass is 75 $ US (4600 INR), whereas the price of S4 touch assembly is 100 $ (6250 INR).  See the import data of GH97-15734A from


See also the Samsung Service center receipt for the part number GH97-15734A



Service center


The image of actual part GH97-15734A


 The display assembly for Galaxy S5 only cost 4612 Indian rupees, which is near to 75 US $. whereas the display assembly for S4 cost around 6250 INR (100$). So you can see that, Samsung has scale down the display in the new S5 phone. Maybe there will be some on the cheap technology used in manufacturing the display. In the Samsung receipt, you can see that the cost of sub PBA is around 1852 INR (30$). This is quite costly. This SUB PBA board contain the main USB port, capacitive buttons, 3G antenna points, and main home button. The cost is quite high, as compare to number of parts on the board. The first one on the list is GH81-12060A. This is rework assembly, this contain 10 black screws, 3 white screws and adhesive sticker for LCD, parts and boards. You can see my video on how I break all of these three things here


It’s all cost me around 7618 to reconfigure the phone. 


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