Tear Down of Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Tear Down/ Disassembly, Parts View and Assembly of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000/ N900/ N9005

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The Total Cost of the parts is not more than 270 USD (270$).
Samsung is making large profit from this model.

Disassembly, Tearing, Assembly, Take apart and IC numbers of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 III N900 Exynos 5420 version

SM-N9000, SM-N9005,SM-N900T, SM-N900P, SM-N900W8, SM-N900S, SM-N9002, SM-N9006, SM-N9008, SM-N9009 have same procedure but with different CPU and radios


Parts View*

Back Parts
1. 13 MP Rear Camera: N900P V01, PCB 13302, AS3821PA B00130
2. Samsung Exynos Green Memory CPU 5420 ARM
3. S2MPS1182 Power Management IC
4. MAX77804
5. WACOM W9010 328EM6 Spen controller
6. WAN IC: Intel PMB9820 baseband processor
7. LP1K36
8. 3151
Rear Part*
2. Y831 1305V
3. 3526H1 D81465
4. +S11 C3730 OSC
5. E4A373 O3661L
6. 20794MA KML006 25 NFC Chipset
7. SIMC 8240B0 PN58140
8. 32F4018 A5034VG/O
9. FL123CE 031FD5
10. S1072 7173 2 microphone parts
11. 26.00/3
12. MP65M F467D1
13. SIM Tray: M3824A5H

Inside Metal Jag
1. Intel PMB5745 RF transceiver
2. SWE 0KF48
3. R4M03 3710
4. SKY 77615-11 54688701 WLAN/Bluetooth chipset

LCD Bessel

1. Synaptic 55050A Touchscreen controller
* please correct me it there is errors

The Total Cost of the parts is not more than 270 USD (270$).
Samsung is making large profit from this model.
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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what i did. So do this at your own risk

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