Assembly, Disassembly, Tear Down, Parts View and ICs of Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 (LG D821): Assembly, Disassembly, Tear Down, Parts View and ICs of


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Assembly, Disassembly, Tear Down, Parts View and ICs of Google Nexus 5, LG D821

Google launches Nexus 5 in India at 32.9K for 32 GB version and 28.9K for 16 GB version. In this video Nexus is dis-assembled and re-assembled.

Motherboard ICs
Front View
1. PM8841 Qualcomm power management IC
2. 6093 SXK2
3. M651 P817E1 Accelerometer and Gyro
4. Hard to read is Magnetic COmpas
5. WIR1605L 1VV 7R31101 3G/2G/EDGE Transreciver
6. SD1N8DE4-32G Sandisk 32 GB memory
7. SPH 0PF03
8. RTC Battery
9. AVAGO RF1337 RF Amplifier
10. 92A72SG
11. ESR2XD
12. 150A 1326

Rear View
1. PM8941 0VV 3R36407 Power management
3. Processor underneath RAM (Snapdragon 800)
4. AVAGO ACPM7600 KA1340 EDGE/GSM power amplifier
5. OFF1100
7. AVAGO A5805
8. L7 74F0
9. AV01 9307
10. BQ24192 TL 381 Battery Charger
11. SIMPORT ANX 7808 1331 HA662BA Simport transreciver
12. FP6
13. WCD9320 OVV NHC 40900 Audio Dack
14. Q393 Secondary microphone

Parts Number
1. EAU620 Vibrator motor
2. BL-T9 Battery 2300 mAh, 8.74 Wh, 3.8V Lithium polymer
3. EAX65371601 NFC/Wireless Charger PCB board
4. 20793 NFC IC
5. Y475A rear 8MP camera
6. 8111B 3EG1M, 1Y22 2645D1 double axis gyro sensor for rear camera
7. kRP3AP speaker phone

Parts View
1. Battery
2. GPS, MIMO and WIFI/Bluetooth antenna
3. Vibrator motor
4. Sim Tray
5. NFC/Wireless charging antenna
6. Back Pannel
7. Lens Plastic
8. Screws 6 + 4
9. 3G, 4G and Loudspeaker board
10. Metal Shields Front and Rear
11. Headphone Schoket
12. Microphone Gasket x 2
13. NFC/ Wireless Charging board
14. Bottom Flex PCB containg Main microphone, USB data synching and charging port, notification LED and antenna and loudspeaker pads
15. Rear 8 MP camera with OIS
16. Main motherboard
17. Front Bezzel with LCD and dizitizer
18. Antenna Flex cable x 2

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