Rooting Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT 7582/S7580 rooting by BCD Tech


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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 rooting by BCD Tech

Samsung Galaxy S-Duos 2, an awesome low to mid-range phone from Samsung. This cost around 10,000 rupees that is equivalent to 160 US $ and 98 British pound. In this video, this phone is rooted. Think once more what you plan to do here. This may void you warranty and may damage your phone permanently.
The android version on the phone is 4.2.2 jelly bean and device status is official. In this video official S duo 2 is rooted.
For checking root status root checker basic is installed from google play. The phone will go into recovery mode pressing volume up key, home button and power key together, and when the Samsung logo appears, releases these buttons. And this phone will boot up into recovery mode. This this mode you will update your phone and also wipe the phone data and cache.
To turn on the USB de-bugging mode on this phone, go to setting and then go to more, and if here developer tab is not displayed. Go to about phone and then in last tap this built number 3-7 times. Now you can see that the “developer mode has been enabled”. Now you see the developer options in more tab, open the developer option, enabled it. And in the debugging check the USB debugging. If not check this and press ok. This will enable USB debugging mode on the phone.
Watch the video to see how to root S Duos 2, that is GT-S7582 on stock android 4.2.2

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what I did. So do this at your own risk

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