Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 LGD821 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Nillkin better then SpigenĀ 


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Nexus 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Nillkin better then Spigen
This is Nillkin Amazing H plus, Nano anti burst tempered glass protecting film with 9H hardness, Anti finger print, oleophobic coating, anti-scratched, anti-scattered, Recyclable and HD.
Inside this box you will get
1. Wipes wet suite one
2. Blue electrostatic dust film one
3. De-dusting cleaning film one
4. Replacement pulling tag
5. Professional screen wipe cloth
6. Tempered glass screen film Google Nexus 5.
7. Camera film

Before proceeding to installation, clean your hand with soap. This make your hand, oil and dust free. For installation align this protector properly, on to the screen. Once you are happy with the alignment, press at the centre of glass and this will initiate the adhesive process. Use your finger tip or lint free cloth to take out the bubble from the phone. The touch is working perfectly and there is no problem. Due to trimmed edge it is very hard to distinguish the protector and the phone. This is nice thing and you can find no problem in handling this phone even without any TPU cover. Although there is oleophobic coating on protector, still it is taking finger print. Nothing to worry this common, and you will find this type of problem even on gorilla glasses.
So in conclusion this screen protector is awesome protector from the Nikklin. It is far better than the other costly Spigen glass screen protector. Which is quite bulky and thick? So you can go through this product, it is far better than yours plastic screen protector. This also gives Nexus 5 extra protection. So you must go for this. This cost is around 13$ around 800 Indian rupees.

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