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  1. sir which android dual sim smart phone support external usb hard disk via usb otg cable in India

    sir how can i make my Samsung galaxy s duos gt7562 to support external usb hard disk via usb otg cable

  2. Hi Team,

    Actually, I am wondering if Samsung S7582 is rooted, then I would like to what kind of latest versions are compatible to my phone and make phone faster in a customized manner.

    Also, let me know if there are any risks.

    And applications that are compatible for rooted phones.

    Thank you,

    Looking forward to hear from you,


  3. Hello,
    I just bought Womate 2… it works perfectly… But i actually want to use my 3G network while using womate 2 through wifi. Is it possible ?

    Example : SIM 1 is on my iphone. . SIM 2 is on WOmate 2..

    The sim 2 is used only to receive text message… ANd the SIM 2 all features (sms,calls,internet etc)

    My iphone is connected to womate 2 (SIM 2) through wifi. .

    But i want to use internet via 3G of SIM 1 and not using wifi bridge… can you help me ?

    1. This is possible on latest android phone like galaxy s5. I don’t know such a feature for ios, I think the ios developer will do this soon. Smart network switch.

  4. Nice way of going deep,and good way ,making it simplistic ,presentation,and going into unique,
    Technology…..but should go on a little bit
    Regds Sam

  5. Hi,
    I saw your tear down video on Nexus 5 and its simply great. My nexus 5 audio ic has malfunctioned. There is no sound , microphone or any thing. Please tell me if its Audio IC can be be replaced ? The model i have is LG-D820.


  6. Dear BCD Team

    First of all I would like to thank you for your best blog which allow us to get updated

    In another hand, I would like to ask your kindness to help resolve a big issue on womate2 that I have just bought form the official website http://www.womate3g.com

    I have test it on many devices : Android, iOS and Windows plateform. As an IT engineer , setting parameters were very easy for me the reason is that all work fine (sending and receiving sms, call can be transfered to the main device, Internet access directly or using it as a gateway work fine ) but the big problem is the voice quality…there is only noise …in very few times I heard clear words but juster after a couples of seconds the voice become very poor and only noise …

    Note please that the frequency band of my country “Morocco” is 900Mhz which feet the requirements of the device (from 800 to 1900MHZ)

    I don’t know if you did face the same problem or not but I really want to keep this device if there a solution and also order many others womate2

    N.B :
    . The persons I did contact at the 1st to buy the items are : Gong and Edith where email is : ghx1100@163.com even if I did send the 1st email to sales@womate3g.com and support@womate3g.com (perhaps they are using an email getway)
    . Money was sent to through their paypal : ghx1100@163.com

    Thank you so much for supporting me

    Karim form Morocco


  7. hello,

    i am using Samsung galaxy star pro. my phone is very slow as the ram is 426mb. i use only usable apps like, fb, watsapp,Google, you tube etc…gaming is not good.. i even downloaded game booster so tat i can play games easily.. but tat is not perfect.. i even used nova launcher too.. for opening any file it takes 2 mins to open a file.. so can u suggest.. how to speed up my Samsung galaxy star pro?

  8. Hello BCD
    Need your help on one plus one. recently I bought one plus one from china retailer and obviousely it is china version 64 gb with color os running. Now before i follow your steps of converting from color OS to CM11, I want to make sure that my 64gb space dont get reduced to 16gb and I am going to update my device to 33r.bacon.signed version also and surely to the next android L updates and any updates beyond android L release. I googled everywhere but i dont get a definite reply. the forum suggesting me to unlock bootloader and root my device and update to CM11 fastboot. Since I only understand what the developer says and not so certain of anything, please give some suggestion what should I do , and how should I do it. I am very eager to get a reply from your end.



  9. i buy oneplus one 16gb import from China. So, i follow BCD advice about how to install CyanogenMod 11s on my OnePlus One. But the installation failed. Why?

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