💥 What Inside Mini Spot Welder & How its Work 🛠

What Inside a Mini spot welder?

In this video, we will show you the teardown and working of a mini spot welder. This spot welder has two Lithium-polymer batteries of 2150 mAh each, which can deliver up to 600 Amperes of current. There is a small microcontroller inside this unit that drives the combination of 4 MOSFET to deliver the current to the welding probes. And also, there is a tiny IC for charging batteries inside this Mini module.

Working on this Mini spot battery is very simple. Current from the batteries is modulated by MOSFET with the help of a microcontroller. This high current is then fed to the welding Probes, which has very small resistance as compared to nickel. When heavy current passes through these probes to the Nickel, Nickel melts up and because of the small pressure from the probe tip, the nickel beneath the probes melts and penetrate inside the bottom metal. This makes the welding. Welding strength depends upon how far the nickel is penetrated inside the material which depends upon the welding current, nickel ate thickness and bottom metal type.

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