PART-1: SMART Plugs 🛠Unboxing & Setup ❤ #Made_in_India ✔💥

Unboxing and setting up Wifi Smart Plugs with Energy Monitoring.
In this part-1, we unbox the Wipro 16A smart plug. Wipro smart plug box contains only a smart plug and an operation manual. This smart plug can remotely control (only ON/OFF) your applicances from any palace. You can schedule ON/OFF or set countdown ON/OFF on this device. There is a dedicated application available on the Play Store and App Store to control the smart plug. This smart plug has an energy metering unit with can monitor the power consumed by the appliances. From this which you can predict the energy consumption (in KWh) of appliances on daily basis.

if you are buying a smart plug for electricity monitoring, then Aviga is the best choice to buy and it is cheap. While for remote operation both IoT Plugs are equal.

PART 1: Smart Wifi Plugs with Energy Monitoring Unboxing & Setup
PART 2: Teardown
PART 3: Testing


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