Covid 19 & Oxygen Concentrators.

Corona Positive:
If you got hospital you are lucky.
And you don’t, then you are the most ignored person on this planet. You have to survive by yourself. If your SPO2 level is normal, take medicine, take rest, and eats healthy you will be normal in few days. But if your SpO2 level is falling down then the actual picture of hell will appear in front of you. Maintaining O2 level at home is very difficult, how to get O2, how to refill, how to change cylinder etc. Moreover you will see how how admisstration stops you in buying O2. At this period of time O2 concentrators can help. But in this situation these concentrator are out of stock and sold at 2 to 3 times of its initial cost. But this machine is very helpful for a covid 19 patients.

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