Calling Problem !! Redmi Note 10 Pro Max | Proximity Sensor |💔🙈

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max has a Proximity Sensor in build. This sensor is responsible for turning the display off when you put the phone near to the ear on call. In Redmi Note 10 pro max, this sensor is showing erected behavior. Sometimes display doesn’t turn off when you place the phone near to the ear, and sometimes it keeps display off when you are holding this phone in hand. On testing this phone we found that this sensor is not working alone, AI and orientation sensor works in parallel with proximity sensor. And this creates a problem with this phone during calls. Hope that this problem will be fixed in upcoming updates.

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6GB/64: ₹18,999/-
6GB/128GB: ₹19,999/-
8GB/128GB: ₹21,999/-

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