Don’t Buy! 🙊 Full Testing & Teardown Mi Powerbank bank 3i 10,000 mAh 💔💥

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In this video, you will see the teardown and full testing of the new Mi Power Bank 3i 10000 mAh black. Like its 20,000 mAh big brother, this power bank does not support the claimed 12 V charging from USB Type-C or micro USB port.
Here are the results:
1. Teardown
Battery: Li-Poly 10,000 mAH and dimension 11x63x115 mm
Battery protection IC: 5511E
MOSFET: 206u

2. Charging Time
Time: 4hrs 46 min
Capacity: 5.02 Ah
Energy Consumed: 45.781 Wh
Efficiency: 80.8 %
Max Temperature: 32 C

Time: 5hrs 52 min
Capacity: 8.56 Ah
Energy Consumed: 44.67 Wh

3. Discharging Capacity 15.11W (9V/1.67A)
Time: 2hrs 11 mins
Capacity: 3.64 Ah
Energy Consumed: 32 Wh
Overall: 69.9 %

4. No of Charges (at charging 80% efficiency) = 6918 mAh
This power bank has an energy output of 32 Wh. With 80% charging efficiency of mobile phones, this power bank can charge
7000 mAh: less than 1 times
ROG Phone 3 (6000 mAh): 1.15 Times (Tested)
5000 mAh Phones: 1.4 Times
4500 mAh Phones: 1.54 Times
4000 mAh Phones: 1.73 Times
You can calculate the number of charging times by taking the 6918 mAh capacity of this power bank.

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