🎤AHUJA MTP-20: Best Clip-on Microphone ✔💥

Ahuja Lavalier, Lapel, clip-on Microphone MTP-20 for smartphone, DSLR, Mirrorless, Camera, Laptop, PC, Audio recorders, and etc.
If you are planning for buying Boya BY-M1, then wait. Ahuja MTP-20 is better than Boya as
1. Ahuja Mic is made in India, Boya in China
2. Ahuja Mic has a Unidirectional pattern, whereas Boya has Omnidirectional
3. Ahuja Mic giver better side rejection, Boya pick audio from all direction,
4. Ahuja Mic has low-level noise as compared to Boya
5. Ahuja Mic has bigger microphone capsule, which gives very rich bass (audio in low frequency)
6. Boya Mic can be mounted as a neck band whereas Boya not.
The only advantage of Boya BY-M1 over Ahuja MTP-20 is its minimum design and inbuild power for old generation cameras.

Conclusion: Ahuja MTP-20 is a better mic than Boya BY-M1, due to its rich audio quality and cardioid polar pattern and best suit for the creatures who want to work in noisy environments. I personally recommend the mic over Boya By-M1.
Link: https://amzn.to/2YvXIxb

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