🙊 Fully Customizable Mobile Phone || Never Possible || 💔

Custom made desktop give flexibility to choose the best processor, the best Graphic card, the best RAM, the best motherboard, the best light, and etc in the market according to our specific requirement or choice. The same thing can not happen with mobile phone as there is no option to customise as per our requirement. In recent past google has started a program called google ARA to design a modular phone. The idea is total failure for google. Now lava launches my Z, customized your phone. This this is not a 100 % customizable phone, but you can still customize RAM, camera, colour on this phone which give some options to customise our mobile phone. Processor, display, battery are still not customizable on this phone. Hope that in future we will see some more phones which have some more option to customise according to our requirement or priority.

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My recording Gears:
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Tripod: Harison Bahubali


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