#Oneplus 10,000 mAh Power Bank: 🛠 Tear Down and Full Testing || KASA HAI ||

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This video shows the teardown and full testing of Oneplus Powerbank 10,000mAh.
Here are the results:
1. Teardown
Battery: Li-Poly 10,000 mAH with CV 4.2 and dimension 9.9x60x115 mm
Main IC: IP5328 PD Soc
D Flip Flop: 4175

2. Charging Time
Time: 3hrs 33 min
Capacity: 5.11 Ah
Energy Consumed: 46 Wh
Efficiency: 80.43 %
Max Temperature: 48 C

Time: 4hrs 44 min
Capacity: 8.9 Ah
Energy Consumed: 45 Wh

3. Discharging Capacity 15.25W (9V/1.67A)
Time: 2hrs 4 mins
Capacity: 3.4 Ah
Energy Consumed: 31.5 Wh
Efficiency: 85.13 %
Overall: 68.5 %
Max Temperature: 50 C

4. No of Charges (at charging 80% efficiency)
This power bank has an energy output of 31.5 Wh. With 80 % charging efficiency of mobile phones, this power bank can charge
ROG Phone 3 (6000 mAh) 1.15 Times (Tested)
5000 mAh Phones: 1.36 Times
4500 mAh Phones: 1.51 Times
4000 mAh Phones: 1.7 Times

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Unboxing Video: https://youtu.be/bz3DxsAJ8dA
Teardown & Testing: https://youtu.be/hBBJoNEo-L8
Link: https://amzn.to/2WsgEMj

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