My Toughest #Teardown of 2020: Repairing Sony #A6300 🛠💥

This is my toughest teardown of 2020 (Repairing memory slot on Sony A6300).
In this video, I am going to show you how to open Sony mirrorless camera A6300. This camera has various smaller parts and different sizes screws. There is no service manual available on the internet, so it is very difficult to predict which part comes out first and where are its screws. It takes around 2 hours to open up this camera and at last, I am able to find the memory card slot. I try to repair the memory card slot, but with no success. Finally, I ordered a new card slot and replaced it. There is no way to check the new card slot at that time, so I have to reassemble it. It takes around 40 minutes to reassemble this camera. And finally, after testing the card slot is working. That was a great moment for me. Finally, after 3 hours of painful work and a month of waiting, my camera is working and there is no problem with the new sd card slot. I had no idea how to open this camera, but proceedings very carefully, remembering & storing all screws & parts in a step by step manner helps me in successful disassembling and reassembling this mirrorless camera. Hope that you will learn something from this video. Do like and share this video and subscribe to our channel.
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My recording Gears:
Camera: 🎥Sony Alpha a6300
Mic: 🎙 Rode Video Mic Pro Plus /🎙Zoom H5 Recorder with SSH-6 capsule
Editing: Vegas Pro 365
Laptop: 💻 GS43VR 7RE MSI
Tripod: Harison Bahubali


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