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Unboxing, testing, working & teardown of InOne Humidifier

If you are suffering from nose blockage, sinus, cough, dry & itchy skin, then this portable humidifier is best for you. You can easily carry this with you. It runs on USB power and works with any adapter, charger & power bank with a micro USB cable. It has a 200 ml water capacity which can last for 5 hrs. It consumes 2 Watt power. It is best for small spaces for big rooms and home, you can go for Allin Exporter Humidifier.

1.ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Uses unique ultra-sonic waves to generate a cool and consistent micro-mist of water to penetrate and moisten dry skin and helps breathe better.
2.ANTI- ALLERGEN & 360 DEGREE DISPERSION: Neutralizes harmful particles in the air and disperses relaxing aroma all around the room quickly to improve the quality of your sleep/experience.
3.NOISELESS & PREMIUM DESIGN: Advanced Technology makes it super quiet when working. Its Elegant and Professional design blends with any kind of room, be it a bedroom, baby room, kitchen, Spa, or office.
4.ALL-NIGHT RUN: With a capacity of 200ml, it will last for around 5-6 Hours (appx 40 ML/Hour) which is enough for an ideal humidity of 50% and shuts down automatically.
5.LED LIGHTS & SPILLAGE FREE: Comes with changing LED lights to let you slip into your world of Dreams without worrying about spillage.

Link: https://amzn.to/3oMNFzc
Home: https://amzn.to/2vHSjIR
Video Old
For Home: https://youtu.be/1z7hVc3mnhQ
Tear Down: https://youtu.be/9wXJpQdJ35U
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