#6422mAh Mi Pocket (10,000mAh) Power Bank Pro #Capacity, #Charging Time Testing & #Teardown 🛠💥🙈

In the previous video, we unbox Mi Pocket PowerBank Pro 10,000 mAh and test its charging methods and protocols. In this video, we tear down and test this power bank for its capacity, charging/discharging efficiency, and charging time. Results are here:

1. Tear Down
MCU: A94B458
Buck: SC8934
Battery: ICP 10/56/62

2. Charging Test at 9 V/2.45 A (PD 3.0 21.5 Watts)
Time Taken: 3 hrs. 32 mins
Energy Consumed: 44.75 Wh
Capacity Record: 5073 mAh
Charging Efficiency of Power Bank: 82.7 %
Max. Temperature: 51.2 C

3. Discharging Test 9V/1.7 A (15.3 Watts)
Time Taken: 2 hrs 5 mins
Energy Given: 32.11 Wh
Capacity Recorded at 9V: 3637 mAh
Discharging Efficiency of Power Bank: 86.78 %
Temperature maximum: 43.3 C

4. Charging Test at 9 V/1.9 A (QC 3.0 21.5 Watts)
Time Taken: 3 hrs. 23 mins
Energy Consumed: 44.0 Wh
Capacity Record: 4818 mAh
Charging Efficiency of Power Bank: 84.1 %

Our testing results revealed that this power bank will give 32.11 Wh of energy means 6422 mAh capacity at 5V which in turn charges a 4000 mAh battery power mobile phone 1.6 times and 6000 mAh by 1.07 times. The overall efficiency is 71.75%

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Unboxing Video: https://youtu.be/g2Yi0Po0Khk

Link: https://store.mi.com/in/item/3204500003

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