Huawei Honor 5x Tear Down, Parts View & Assembly – YouTube

This teardown video tells you, how to replace
1. Battery,
2. LCD,
3. USB Port,
4. Vibrator Motor,
5. Motherboard
etc on Huawei Honor 5x

Tools needed:
1. Torx T3
2. Philips Screwdriver,
3. Plastic prying tools
4. Tweezers
5. Spudger

See video on how to tear down the honor 5x.

This video also tells you to locations of parts inside the phone and exact replacement procedure like Replacement of battery, touch, digitizer, motherboard, USB port etc

Sometimes it is easy to solve the problem with your phone just by reconnecting the cables. Like if the charger is not working, we unplug and then plug the charger again. Similarly, most of the problems in mobile phones are solved by disconnecting and connecting the connectors back. In this video episode, I am showing you that, how you can solve the biggest problem only by disassembling the phone. Like loudspeaker is not working, charging, data cable, touch, LCD etc not working. These problems can be solved by physical checking the components. Now for checking those components physically, you need to open the phones, and here this video helps you.

Here this video shows you:
1. how to dis-assemble the mobile phones,
2. Parts Location
3. Solving common problem related to part failures
4. Parts Replacement
5. Tricks and Tips
6. DIY repairs
7. assembly
and many mores.

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