Bosch torque setting attachment for ixo 3 – YouTube


Be it household or a professional requirement to fix different types of mechanical work, this highly efficient Bosch Torque Setting Attachment for IXO3 has been designed in such a way that can easily fit with ixo iii and ixo iv screw drivers and helps the user to access his household repairing and mechanical works much easier. At the same time the advanced design of this product enables the user to monitor the power transfer to safeguard the smaller screws. This home improvement product helps to develop the speed and ease the task of screw driving. The use of premium quality material in this product makes it long lasting.

Innovative design of these accessories makes sure that this product enables the user to access this device comfortably. The inclusion of special toque setting in this Bosch product makes sure that it is compatible with different types of materials at a time. The innovative torque setting of this product helps the screws to go in right depth. This feature helps to complete the screw driving tasks much easier and accurate. This technical product is an ideal one to use for dry projects specially for assembling flat pack furniture. If you are looking for a smart and accurate tool to complete your household mechanical work safely, then buy Bosch torque setting attachment online.

Special features

This hand tool has been designed to optimize the power transfer to protect smaller screws
Advanced design of this product helps this device to improve speed and ease the process of screw driving process
The torque design of this device is compatible with ixo iii and iv generations

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