Moto E: Full performance review (Antutu, Quadrant, Nenmark2, Multitouch, Temple Run 2)

The Moto E, is recently launched by Motorola at a price tag of 115 US $.

Performance Results:


  1. Model: XT1022
  2. Android KITKAT 4.4.2.  Q
  3. 915 MB RAM,
  4. 2.22 GB system storage,
  5. 1.74 GB is available
  6. QUALCOMM 2 core CPU with maximum frequency of 1190 MHz’s.
  7. Architecture is ARM cortex A7.
  8. Adreno 305  Qualcomm GPU with maximum frequency of 400 MHz,
  9. 540 x 960 pixel
  10. 240 dpi,
  11. Rear camera of 5 mega pixels.
  12. Accelerometer,
  13. Light sensor
  14. proximity sensor,

Antutu Results: 12401 points

  1. CPU cannot run big apps
  2. UX multitask 2225,
  3. runtime 1079,
  4. RAM operation 547,
  5. RAM speed 828,
  6. CPU integer 909,
  7. float point 724,
  8. 2D graphics 835,
  9. 3D 4082,
  10. IO 502,
  11. Database 620.


CPU-Z crashes on Moto E.

Quadrant standard: Total score is 5285

  1. CPU 17007,
  2. Memory 2626,
  3. I/O 4167,
  4. 2D 501,
  5. 3D 2124.

Nenamark 2: 49.6 fps

Multi touch test: This phone has recognises all 5 finger touch.  The multi touch display has great feature for playing games on this phone, with one hand one can handle the control, and with another one, the shots.

Viewing Angle: The display of Moto E is quite good, and is visible at extreme tilt angles Temple run 2., there is no problem with viewing angle on the Moto E display.

Temple run 2:  There is no problem in playing temple run 2 on Moto E, there is no hang, no lag and the viewing angle is great.

Power saving mode game play:

There is no problem in playing in power saving mode, all is buttery smooth.

So in conclusion the Moto E is good in performance and it is, top in the list of the phones below 10 K range. This phone is great to buy. If you are planning to buy a budget phone with high performance, then Moto E is best in deal at 115 $. Stay tune to us, to see how Moto E, performs on HD games.


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