Problem running Temple Run 2 on Samsung Galaxy S5

If you think the Samsung galaxy s5 is made for gaming, if so watch this video, I think this video will change your thinking.


While making, a video on tear down of this phone, I had broken my LCD and sub PBA PCB. It cost me around 7 thousand 6 hundred rupees that is equal to 125 US dollar to fix that. The cost of LCD assembly is around 4 thousand 6 hundred rupees i.e. 76 US $. The cost of S4 LCD is 100 $, which is greater than S5 LCD. Now my Galaxy S5 is working well.

The game, is temple run 2, this game is from Imangi studio. This game loaded very fast on S5. This game played very smoothly on other devices, let’s sees how it perform on Galaxy S5. The touch control is responsive. There is no game lag or hang. The control is working well and orientation sensor is working well. The viewing angle is nice.
At this stage, I want to mention an important point. If you turn on the power saving mode, with CPU and screen mode are selected, there is slight lag in graphics, and the game play is not so smooth. It is very difficult to play with such a graphics lag. So there is a very serious issue in the phone, in low performance mode the temple run 2 has problem. And without any restriction the game has no issue in graphics. If you turn on the restriction with only CPU performance and the screen output disabled. And then return to the game, you will see that the lag in the play. The graphics is lagging, and there is problem to play the game. In CPU restriction mode the 4 fastest 1.9 GHz A15 cores will turn off and 4 lowest speeds 1.3 GHz cores will work. The Micromax canvas, karbon phones has the 1.3 GHz quad core Mediatek CPU, and there is no problem with temple run 2 on that, the game play is buttery smooth. Here on S5, the low performance cores have the same speed and same in number, but the graphics is lagging.
Let’s see the phone without CPU restriction and Screen mode on. You will surprise to notice that game is running smoothly. As temple run 2 uses CPU, not GPU, of the phone to play. So over all, the Temple run 2 shows the actual performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5. And it is very disappointing to see that, the phone that was top on the performance list, has such a low performance core bug. That even this core cannot compete with its equivalent Mediatek phones CPU.
So in conclusion, it is much thought to say that “the galaxy S5 is good for gaming”, the CPU will not work as expected, and in the low performance mode there is serious issue with gameplay. Even the low graphic game temple run 2, runs with problems. So it is very bad deal to invest on S5, particularly if you are going for gaming. In full mode, this phone will drain the battery within 1-2 hours of gameplay. For our full review on the Game play of different games on S5, stay tune with our site.

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Disclaimer: Please note that you are dealing with very sensitive electronics parts/products. Don’t forget to use ESD protection wrist band. This video is only for knowledge. BCD Tech is not responsible for any damaged to your Mobile phone or device if you try what I did. So do this at your own risk

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