Samsung Galaxy Note 4 recent leak’s May 1, 2014



Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is surely going to sport a new form factor

Note 4 1

This Phone suppose to be comes with a 20 MP rear camera, and a Heart beat scanner. As similar to S5, this phone comes with different colors. As seen the recent leak picture, the Note 3 may have the same leather finish back cover. This flagship phone may have a QHD display at 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. In performance, we can aspect that this phone will be top in performance list, with new 64 bit Samsung Exynos processor. The LTE variant will have Qualcomm quad core CPU with >2.5 GHzs . 



As some of the recent leak suggest that the smartphone that was displayed in at release of Note 3 is actually a Note 4.  If this is Note 4, that this is a revolutionary design, and this must take Samsung smartphone a step ahead of all phones. 


Some rumors suggest that Note 4 has an improved finger scanner. And some say that this time the finger scanner will be embedded into the touch display. Hope that we will see something new in Note 4.1184688213_407


Some of new Design concept recently seen on the internet for Note 4 

Screen-Shot-2014-04-22-at-10.08.45-AM-620x5401 Screen-Shot-2014-04-22-at-10.08.27-AM1-620x5331


Whatever the design, hardware and software, the galaxy Note 4 is awaited by lot’s of the people’s. I think this time peoples will see a totally new designed smartphone from Samsung.


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